Soil Moisture

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The repository contains educational materials about the TU-Wien soil moisture retrieval from C-band fan-beam scatterometer composed in the ESA funded project SCIRoCCo. Courses are separated into lectures comprising presentations, course materials and exercises. Presentations can be viewed online with a standard internet browser or can be downloaded as PDF. Furthermore, exercises are provided for each lecture based on Python code which can be run on your local machine. To download the entire Soil Moisture educational material, click one of the following buttons:

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Lecture 1: Introduction

The objective of lecture 1 is to give a general introduction about soil moisture and different measurement techniques.

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Lecture 2: TU Wien Soil Moisture Retrieval

Within lecture 2, the main considerations of the TU-Wien soil moisture model will be discussed.

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Lecture 3: Azimuth Normalisation

In lecture 3 the reader will acqiure experience in terms of normalising backscatter observations taken at differnt azimuth angles.

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Lecture 4: Incidence Angle Normalisation

In order to be able to compare backscatter observation from fan-beam scatterometers we have to normalise observation with respect to the incidence angle. Lecture 4 covers the incidence angle normalisation procedure utilised in the TU-Wien soil moisture model.

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Lecture 5: Vegetation Correction

The objective of lecture 5 is to give an overview on how backscatter measurements can be corrected with respect to vegetation contributions.

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Lecture 6: Soil Moisture Retrieval

In lecture 6 the final soil moisture retrieval model will be discussed.

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Lecture 7: Soil Moisture Uncertainty Estimation

Observations always have uncertainties influencing the final value of an estimate. In this lecture the soil moisture uncertainty estimation is outlined briefly.

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Lecture 8: Applications

Lecture 8 gives an overview of applications related to the estimation of soil moisture from C-band fan-beam scatterometer.

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